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ヒッチレシーバー用角パイプ切売します! 弊社で製作しているヒッチメンバーのレシーバー用角パイプは特殊なもので60角のt4.2のシームレス角パイプになります。 作っている人しかわからない部分になりますが、通常60の3.2や60の4.5を使用しますが、2インチレシーバーや50角パイプ入らないんです。 シームが邪魔で削るかレシーバー側を削らないと入りませんよね? ところが、こちらを使えばシームを削る必要もなくピッタリ入ります! 3.2のガタガタでレシーバー加工をしなくても済みます、また4.5のギチギチ1mmオーバーサイズでシームを削る必要もありません。 強度は変わりませんので お気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。 #fab

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estersumman. Грузинський поет Давид Гурамішвілі. Мозаїка на будівлі грязелікарні. К

Грузинський поет Давид Гурамішвілі. Мозаїка на будівлі грязелікарні. Курорт Миргород #mural #instamural #mosaic #modernmosaic #resort #resortplace #myrgorod #kurort #welcometoukraine #poet #georgia #georgian #georgianpoetry #artobject #artmural #artwall #wallart #sunnyday #summerinukraine #travelmood #instatravel

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brickbar. New cooler= colder beer😢🙌

New cooler= colder beer😢🙌

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laneway17. The lone cyclist

The lone cyclist

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〰️ @vibrational_alchemy is back this Thursday 25th July 7-9pm at the beautiful crystal haven @slc_london with my wonderful Gemini sister @brighitta 〰️ Vibrational Alchemy is a collaborative energy healing experience, co-hosted by Jasmin Harsono (of Emerald x Tiger) and Brighitta Moser-Clark (of Awakening Light). Jasmin + Brighitta are both Reiki Master/Teachers, with a multi-faceted offering focused on holistic well-being for the body, mind, and soul. Their events weave Reiki, Alchemy Crystalline Sounds, Gong, Voice and other creative tools to help those that gather to shift into the frequency of the inner heart, creating a communion with the soul. 〰️ This intimate gathering will be a sweetly soulful remembrance, an invitation for you to come home to yourself. In a fully immersive ceremony, Jasmin and Brighitta weave together an offering of energy healing, pure crystalline sounds, gong, guided meditations, vocals and chanting to create a space of devotion, honouring the spirit within. This workshop will be held with the intention of deep healing - relaxing the body and purifying the mind so we can blend more fluidly with our souls. 〰️ Beginning with ‘Three Diamond Breath’ (created by Jasmin) exercise we open the heart and settle into the space. We follow with a deeply soothing alchemy crystal sound bath and a gentle guided meditation. As we weave Reiki into the evening, we share the energy with each person one-to-one to enhance the feeling of harmony, leading to a soul-stirring experience of expansion. This is where transformation can take place. After we share affirmations, and set intentions for our work beyond this time. There will be an opportunity to journal, chat, and share tea at the end of this magical evening. 〰️ Tickets in bio 〰️

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daniebeautyexpert. @esteelauder ‘s Block Buster is just hours away from launching! Aren’t

@esteelauder ‘s Block Buster is just hours away from launching! Aren’t you exicted? Here’s a few shots of my most favorite colors up close! This is the COOL Collection! #esteelauder #esteebeauties #esteebeautyadvisors #esteewishlist #christmaswishlist #cosmetics #macysbeauty #makeupkit #blockbuster2019 #makeupartist #bayareamakeupartist #maquillaje #eyeshadow

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They say that laughter is the best form of medicine. 📸 @brittany.cruse

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