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serenitysbaby. rant post ig <3

rant post ig <3

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serenitysbaby. otay. i love her. bye. 🤧💖

otay. i love her. bye. 🤧💖

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serenitysbaby. hi baby! so it’s officially our 2 months!!! i never thought time could

hi baby! so it’s officially our 2 months!!! i never thought time could go by so fast, but tbh, it’s been the greatest two months of my life. i wouldn’t want to spend them with anybody else. you make me so incredibly happy i dunno how to even describe it. you are the sweetest and most caring person (not to mention hot but like ya know) i would say i love you more than anything else in the universe, but it’s just not big enough. no one can even describe how much i love you. you make me feel like the happiest girl alive. i love that i can be myself around you. i love that you love me for me. i love the way you smile at me. i love that way hold me in your arms. the way you hug me and kiss me. i love every single thing about you. you’re so perfect and beautiful, i dunno how i got so lucky. whenever i’m sad, or in a depressed state of mind, you try to help me, you don’t just get mad or leave me, like some people would. you’re always there for me no matter what and i appreciate that. but anyways i would write more but if i were to do that it would be 500 novels so i just want you to know that i love you so so so so much!! happy two month anniversary!! 🥺💞🙈😚🥰😩💗😌💝💘💓💖💖

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see you in heaven beautiful angel... 😔💔 @thecameronboyce

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