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First & foremost, shout out to the amaz

#FROMSOCIALTOMAINSTREAMMEDIA • First & foremost, shout out to the amazing squad behind this @newbalance shoot that we did. What a killer team we got, follow the boys behind the visuals! @showmetheworks, @infennedy, @chriswalker.jpg, @kidbotic, @samclams! • Second of all, I used to DREAM OF THIS SHIT. Those who have followed my cinematography have seen this shit posted in my Snapchat stories, IG stories. Even with fitness models that I shoot with where I show them a Nike/Under Armour video that I want to duplicate, you people have heard me talk about it, I’ve directed you & we’ve executed! • Finally I just want to say thank you everyone for your support. Generating content for social media to mainstream media is a big fucking step. People from mainstream used to never even take a shot with people in the social media industry and now they’re all taking a chance, I mean look at me! Keep pushing sick content, there’s bigger shit coming & I want YOU involved. Let’s all eat, make dough together & be the visionaries & film makers & athletes of the future that everyone in the future look up to! #LETSBECOMELEGENDARY #ThisWasOneOfFiveVideos #WEPUTINWORKBOI #WESHOOTINGAFEATUREFILMNEXTBOYS

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thecinematographer. Happy Birthday & Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, the sweetest woman y

Happy Birthday & Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, the sweetest woman you’ll ever get to know in your life, who taught me my mannerism, who help build me into the man that I am now & also the person who literally taught me how to be funny by being funny lmao • Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, and to those who are soon to be Mothers, I hope that one day you ladies get to experience the amazing mother & son (or daughter) dynamic duo someday. It’s a journey of best friends doing everything together and learning about what life really is about & I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. #LoveYouMama #ThanksForTheBabyWipes #AndShampoo #AndForNeverLettingMeGetHungry #WhichIsProbablyTheCauseOfWhyIveNeverSeenAbsBefore #ButItsOk #GirlsLoveTheWholeOneAbThing #DadBod #AlsoMyMomIsInTheCommentsSectionSomewhere #SoBeNice #DontTryToAddHer #AndSellYourFitTea #OrShoutouts #OrYourWorkoutProgram #BecauseSheAlreadyBoughtItAll #SheHasLike30SticksOfSweetSweat #LmaoMomWhy • Also I often keep my family life private, but I gotta show you guys the legend that made me happen lmao

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#HAPPYBIRTHDAYLINGLING • Happy Birthday to one of my favorite persons out there, clumsy & dangerous & she’s got this neck thing that she does in her videos 😂 • You came a long way @FityKitty! You were literally the first friend I made when I first came out here to Cali, I’ll never forget when I kept bugging you to shoot back in 2015 & you kept telling me “I’m not in shape!!!”... Well you were A shape lmao jk don’t come @ me • I hope you have an amazing birthday week, stay blessed, be safe! (Be safe as in don’t eat too much ice cream & your throat closes up & your bootyhole’s opened 24/7 like a 7/11 unless if that’s just me) • Credits to an amazing team! Thank you so much @RyanAstamendiPhotography for always welcoming us to his home to shoot, hang out & feed us diabetes 😂 Hair: @hairbyandyh Make Up: @briamakeup Set Manager: @4janine#IDontKnowHowToWriteAHealthyCaptionAnymore #ShitGetsOutOfHand #ICantStopMyselfEitherLmao

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Featuring this beautiful soul & human being! @lexxie_marie ! • Just a heads up, summer is coming so my page is going to be packed with summer vibes, photos, videos, rants, sunburn & tons of beautiful people! • #InReality #ImTheOneGettingSunburn #OnMyArmsAndNeck #IfIRanOnTheBeachWithNoShirt #IdLookLikeALostSeal #IDontEvenLookLikeIRunAnymore #IfYouSeeMeRunYoullSeeThatIBounceMoreThanMyFeetRunning #SMH #INeedToGoOnSlimFastOrSomething #FitIn5 #ShredzDietMaybe #Idk

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#AMentalVisionBoard • Throughout my years of doing videos, my vision board is derived from the music that I listen to, scenes from films that had me questioning what had to be done to get the shot, & chemistry from talent. • We’ve started somewhere with our talents. The consistent effort to shape our work undergoes many sacrifices, often we can’t keep up in learning what we want, but we learn the base of everything along with minor lessons outside of what we want to learn while expecting to deliver what we want to deliver. • To my fellow videographers out there, quality over quantity is where you’ll see your strongest work & I speak of this out of experience. Talent will come, but your vision comes first. Your work is judged by your vision, you create the character, you set the mood, more importantly, only you define your growth. • Featuring @XoJammin in her amazing gym @GrampasBoxingGym for @SweetSweat • Song: Royalty Free Song from Envato Elements • Shot in: 4K Sony A7S II Canon 24-70mm F2.8 version 2 Small HD monitor Edited/Colored in Premiere

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#2019 I do SO many photoshoots, I should’ve been posting them up 🤦‍♂️ • #NewYear #NewMe #GoingToStartPostingPicturesTooIn2019BigFella • Featuring the amazing, beautiful & overly dedicated @awwangelika • You may know her from somewhere else but I’ll let the comments section help y’all out 😂

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#PERSISTENCE #MUSTANGELEANOR • Developing teams & relationships under the pressure of “trust”, we take a chance in creating a journey together with blind decisions, high hopes & the opportunity to succeed together. • To be part of an evolving industry that can create structure & purpose in one’s life given full transparency that there are faults within this new concept, could turn any man or woman’s life from hopes to fulfillment. • 2019 is almost here, I wish you all the best & I’m rooting for everyone on their journey in finding theirselves & that wealth in your health follows. • With great success, comes with a new upgraded iPhone X to take cool pictures of me & my new friend’s car, who is an absolute amazing & genuine human being & has been patient & “reasonable” in pushing his Eleanor to its limits, @67lnr @67lnr @67lnr#STAYTUNEDFORTHISVIDEO😱 #YouThoughtThisWasMineHuh #MyDreamCar #ExceptMyDreamWasGoneIn60Seconds #SheetLetsSeeWhatHappensIn2019 #ISwearIWroteAndMeantEverythingElseThough #ThroughEverything, #EverythingThatWeAllBeenThrough #In2019WeGottaStickTogether #TheresRoomForEveryone. #RememberThat #ITaggedHim3TimesSoYourFatAssThumbDontMiss

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#THEINTERCEPTOR • Part 2 of this little series that I have going on with this beautiful #Porsche #911 #GT3RS owned/driven by the talented @edmond_mondi • PART 1 WAS #NIGHTSHIFT w/ @mr.cash86 • Producer: @irischristine Director/Shot/DP/Editor: Me • Ready for this? I’m going to break down audio for you guys. • Guy breathing in the beginning was me (Hello everyone) & the heartbeat was a sound bite from youtube. • Car audio is from the GT3RS (obviously) • Shift sound effects are actually punching bag hits 🥊 added bass on there too by 3 decibels. • RPM scene, that machine sound effect is actually a steam train sound effect fast forwarded by 125% • Second to last transition was a punching bag hit as well. • Last transition sounds to “The Interceptor” was a cinematic transition sound effect that I had from years ago. (Youtube) • Color corrected, color graded myself. • Shot on Sony A7S 2 S-Log2 • All Natural Light. • #Cinematography #Film #Automotive #SuperCar #HyperCar #ThisThingSticksToTheGroundBetterThanMostRelationships #ForReal #MySkinWantedToLeaveMyBody #MyBallsWereAboutFlyOutMyButthole #EdmondForRealDrivingInJeanShorts #FirstImpressionMatters #ThisIsBeyondMe #CarVideos #Auto #Porsche911 #porsche911gt3rs #Pennzoil

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thecinematographer. #2018
What a great year everyone.
I mean honestly t

#2018 #HIGHLIGHTREEL • What a great year everyone. • I mean honestly there’s still more shoots scheduled until the end of December & I’ll create the final one & release on New Years but here are some of the highlights of everything that I’ve directed, shot, edited so far WITH.... My partner in crime, @irischristine • We partnered up & created @10KCINEMA, our very own production company. • Guys I’ve dreamed about owning my own production company. TF was I doing “dreaming” about this shit?! I was a step away from just fukin creating it!!! There’s so much to learn still & so much to shoot, SO many people to work with/learn from & especially working with amazing talent out there that’s in front & behind the lens, this shit is endless. • I’ve got a lot of amazing shit going on in the pipeline. I CANNOT wait to show everyone. I’m so stoked!!!! Stay tuned for the final on New Years. • ❗️LET’S END 2018 WITH A FAT FUKING BANG❗️ • #PursueYourPassion #DontLetNobodyTellYouDifferent #IfTheyreNotSupportingYou #CheeringYouOn #OrEvenBringingYouGoodVibes #BlockThatMf #YouDontNeedNunadat #LifeIsTooGood #ToCarryUnnecessaryAssWeight #ThisIsRealLife #GonnaWriteABookOneDay #DiaryOfAnAngryAsianGuyWhoAlmostBecameANurse #Lmao #ShowYouMyLifeStory #AboutHowTFDidIGetToThisPoint

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#WOULDYOULOOKATTHIS • This is by far the most beautiful video I’ve ever done. • This is our art, this is what we do, we’ll never learn enough of it because there’s so much to be taught & we do our best to learn it all with the time we got. That’s the journey behind ANY art! • At the end of the day, no matter what it is that you do, be the master of your own craft & DO NOT TAKE NO NEGATIVE SHIT FROM ANYONE. You can’t climb to the top of the hill while looking down, keep your head up high & reach for the stars. • Featuring the absolutely amazing & beautiful human bean on earth, @xoobruna ❤️ • Special thanks to @arsenic for using their house, it’s literally a house to make magic. It’s like Hogwarts for adults. • SONG NAME: “Time Of The Season” - The Zombies • #GonnaStartCallingHumanBeings, #HumanBeans #YALL #THERESMORECOMINGSOON #This41SecondsTookMeSoLongToEdit #MyAssWasChaffing #INeedThoseSoftHeatedButtpadsThatGrandparentsUseCauseTheirArthritisActUpWhenTheySitOnARegularColdWoodenChair #WithMyHotChocolate #ImLactoseThough #ACTUALLYYOUKNOWWHAT #WHOGIVESADAMNANYMORETHATTHEYRELACTOSE #YallMfersStillEatingCerealAndSwimmingInBathtubsOfMilkForPhotoshoots #ANDPOURINGCEREAL #WHYTHEHELLAREYOUWASTINGCEREAL #BRUHIWOULDVESHOWEDUPANDHAD30SERVINGSOF #THEMILKANDCEREALYOUWERESWIMMINGIN #MIXEDWITHYOURKYLIEJENNERLIPKIT #COVERGIRLFOUNDATION #ANDYOURLASHESFROMCVSINTHATTUBOFMILK #AightImGoodHere #Byeeeeee

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#PASSION Many share the same, others show it in their craft. - Think back to when you were a kid, what was the one thing that you were most fascinated by that had you talking about it over & over to your friends, parents, & even strangers? - I’ll tell you mine, & it was Need For Speed Underground & Gran Turismo. - Then Forza came out & then racing games evolved to Race Driver: GRID, Formula 1 2010, DiRT. - Fun fact: I learned how to drive manual on Race Driver: GRID. 😂 - But it wasn’t video games that sparked my passion, it was the experience of being behind the wheel of a beast. The coolest cutscenes of your car in career mode, the camera angles when you win/buy a new car, customizing your car to your taste, JUST EVERYTHING. - Why haven’t I started on anything automotive a long time ago? - It’s just mental roadblocks that I have been going through (Mental health is #1 priority) - The moment you overcome one, you’ll overcome them all. Staying consistent in all aspects of your craft & understanding that you can make your whole life about this is the most reality you can ever taste in pursuing your dreams. - Keep chasing what you want, you deserve 110% for yourself & accept nothing less. #YOUAREMORETHANYOUTHINK Special thanks to my crew 🎬: Producer: @irischristine Sound: @kidbotic Model: @nbdryden

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#NightShift #MyFirstAutomotiveFilm Special thanks to @mr.cash86 for beating the shit out of his R8 for 3 nights of shooting 😂❤️ Shoutout to the team for making this happen: Producer - @irischristine Secondary Cinematographer - @kidbotic PA - @thegiorgiopicone Oh yeah... Stay tuned for part 2. 😈 I have a special DIY video rig mounted on the car 😉 (No wood materials or plastic)

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#VictoriaSecret #Wassup #CanWeBeAThingOrWhat? #IllShootForAYearSupplyOfLingerieAndBikinis - Featuring the illest of the West Coast, @chrysti_ane 🍦 - Gonna do more beach videos & coming up on lingerie stuff so stay tuned! 😉 - Comment below the next beach I should shoot at!!!

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#HappyEaster #FashionNova #NovaBabe Featuring: @jasmineasuarez Producers: @joelcontartese @powerful • This is officially my flagship video of my work for the Fashion Industry & I just hopped in just a couple months ago. • Last time I shot a fashion video was at #MiddlesexCountyCollege for the Fashion Club back in 2011/2012. Those were the grassroots of my fashion videos! But it came to a halt because well, at the time Instagram just came out & there were only 15 second videos. • Showing this video off because God gave me a talent & I thank every minute that I record. I want to show you guys this is what happens when you take the leap & just do what you gotta do. I’ve been homeless, I’ve been broke, I’ve been in any low situation you can think of & it doesn’t look like it because I always come out strong, bringing you all positive vibes & advice so you guys can see that whatever it is that you’re going through, it’s gonna be ok in 10 minutes or so & your life is going to get into an unreal high & growth soon. • Keep on moving, don’t hold to your past & know that you’re going to get what you deserve as long as you keep improving yourself. • #Momma #Aint #Raise #No #Punk #Assss #Biiitch

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#FashionNova #TheyGotJeans #ToFitYoGoldMine #NomSayin Featuring the illest, @jasmineasuarez Shot/Edited by, (Ladies) your future IG husband. (Fellas) me. Produced by: @joelcontartese There comes a time where we all go through uncomfortable situations in our lives. For many, there’s break ups, conflict at your job/w. your roommate/holiday dinners, sometimes even at a gas station when a homeless guy calls you broke. But throughout the years of doing shoots with models, I’ve prepared myself for stuff like this. To be honest I have no clue where I’m getting at here, I’m just here in the lobby waiting for the boys to come down so we can get pancakes cause it’s a nice Saturday. Anyway, enjoy this jean video for @fashionnova 😉 #GirlWhatChuGotOn #TheyBetterBeFashionNova #IfTheyAintFashionNova #SorryWeCantShootThen #SomebodyPutPancakesInFrontOfMeBeforeISaySomeDumbShitThatImNotSupoosedToTalkAboutLikeHowMyFriendLastNightThrewUpOnTheHoodOfALamborghini #SavingThatStoryForLaterTho

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#FashionNova #NovaBabe #NoNotMe #ICouldBeANovaBabeTho #WhatChuThink #DMme 😉 #JKDontDMMe #CallMe 😉 #JKDontDoThatEither #IGNeedsToStopMessingUpMyVideoQualityPLEASE 😡 Did several video pieces for @FashionNova! Still have so many more videos for Fashion Nova to post so stay tuned! Gorgeous female in video: @thais.arruda Shot/Edited by Me So I did say that I’m stepping out of the fitness industry. It’s true... I’m not doing fitness videos anymore, sorry! But there’s real good reasons behind this: 1. It is saturated. Just like every industry but I’m going with an industry that I’m able to monetize my content even if I have my own brand to do videos for. 2. Most clients will ask you to mass produce fitness videos whilst asking to not compromise quality. With a team, it’s doable, so the question to ask here is, budget? 3. I do film, I’m moving on from fitness videos, into motivational films like We Are Marshall’s, 42, Gridiron Gang. It’s time to step up from Instagram videos & pursue a career as a “Director” 4. I get requested all the time to do crazy ass transitions for videos. To me, it’s unattractive to do those crazy transitions. What’s attractive to me is story & beautiful shots, not beautiful transitions lmao 5. The people, I love you guys. You guys have been so supportive & honest with my work & I’ll never forget everyone that has 20% percent lower body fat than me 🙂 So yeah, you’ll see motivational videos, but no more fitness stuff. Anyway I hope everyone has a great Sunday! Kill it this week, set new goals & don’t be a punk & pursue them!!!

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#DADDYSBACK FT. @chrysti_ane Currently working on rebranding myself. Sorry everyone, not too much fitness stuff anymore but when I do, it will be 1000% worth your time (Even though I just need a minute of your time max unless if you’re still running on 3G, no LTE then I’m gonna need 45mins of your time because that’s some AOL dial up speed now you crusty ass) so yeah! That’s what I’ve been up to. So I’ve been gone for long, yes. Long story short, I’ve just been working on my mental health! My mental & physical health is important considering what I do. But no matter what I do or what you do, just know that it’s important to pay attention to it & I’ve seen many struggle with this! Stop going around & telling people that you get 4 hours of sleep everyday, that’s not fucking good & you need to do something about that. There’s alternative solutions to this like hire people under you to outsource certain aspects of your job, maybe even take a break? If you haven’t considered that lol but throughout the years of living in California, mental health is a real thing & I’m using my voice to help you all recognize this issue. #IGotNothingButLoveForYall #StayTunedForMore #YeahIKnowRight #IShotWithTheFuckingPINKRANGERFromPowerRangersANDSHEDONTEVENREALIZETHATSHEWOREPINKLOOKINGTHEPART #ITSMORPHINTIMEBITCH #TellMeYallGrewUpWatchingPowerRangers #IDontKnowASinglePersonThatHasNeverWatchedPowerRangers #ChrystiDontGetMad #DontEggMyHouse #IForgotWereNeighbors #NextTimeWeShootImShowingUpWithRiotGear #SheGonnaBuyEggWhitesInABoxRatherThanRealEggs #YouKnowWhatICouldvePreventedHerThrowingEggsAtMyHouseIfIDidntThrowInThatPowerRangerComment #ButIveBeenTypingForAGoodWhileNowAndImExhausted #butayelookatwhatwecanproducethoughevenin50degreeweatherwith5mphwinds

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#OhYeah #HereItIsYall Featuring the big titty @PaigeHathaway 🙌 Shot at @34_north, big thanks to them and give them a visit and a big hug for making this video happen! #TagYoFriends #TAGAFITNESSMODELINCLUDINGYOURSELFIFYOUWANNASHOOTWITHMEANDDOCOOLSHITLIKETHIS❤️

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