viv_li. @Sugarbearhair has been my a part of daily self care routine for just

@Sugarbearhair has been my a part of daily self care routine for just over two years now. I have really noticed my hair growing thicker, stronger and healthier. They are not only great for the hair, #sugarbearhair vegetarian Hair Vitamins are chewable, berry-flavored gummies that are absolutely delicious! #ad💙💙

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viv_li. I got one of these @truwomen protein bars with me everywhere! They act

I got one of these @truwomen protein bars with me everywhere! They actually taste like real desserts, really the first plant based protein bar I’ve ever had that tastes this good and got me addicted, specially the Cookie Dough one it's so yummy! Good to know that #truwomen bars are made entirely with healthy, nutritious and plant-fueled ingredients 💚

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This magnificent breakfast spread in suite @kempinskiriga deserves another post 🥞🍊🍒💛✨ #breakfastatitsfinest #dreambreakfast

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We just saw Executive Chef Gokhan Kekec’s magazine feature on our Baltic flight over here, can’t believe he was in our room @KempinskiRiga and prepared this entire breakfast feast for us 🥰✨ The spread was so gorgeous and we didn’t even know where to start! Definitely one of the most extravagant breakfast I’ve ever had 🤤 #InRoomBreakfastAtItsFinest Check my stories for more✨

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#Riga, #Latvia’s capital, is set on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the River Daugava. It's considered a cultural center and is home to many museums and concert halls. The city is also known for its wooden buildings, art nouveau architecture and medieval Old Town. The main attractions are within minutes of walking distance from our hotel @KempinskiRiga, there are so much to see close by when we are situated in the heart of the city: the National Opera House, House of the Blackheads, The Freedom Monument... list goes on! Check out the medieval restaurant Rozengrāls if thats your thing, I thought it’s super unique! Swipe to see the last pic or more in stories ❤️

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Dinner perfection at Stage 22 Rooftop Restaurant & Bar @KempinskiRiga serves Nordic dining with a twist done right, along with lovely view over the National Opera to the beautiful parks in Riga City Center. It was really an phenomenal dining experience for us, every single dish was so tasty. It really shows the Executive Chef Gokhan Kekec's attention to detail, passion & heart for his delicious creations.

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We had such a lovely private dining experience at Stage 22 @kempinskiriga, one of #RigaLativa’s most beautiful and modern rooftop bars & restaurants. Entire dinner was perfection, will share more on the food in the next post & in my stories ✨ Both of our dresses @prettylittlething

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viv_li. I just wanna see you happy ✨. Wearing @luxuryforprincess 22\" clip in e

I just wanna see you happy ✨. Wearing @luxuryforprincess 22" clip in extensions in Black Brown. I also used their curling iron to style my hair✨ Use code VIVLI for discounts #luxuryforprincess #lfphairgoals

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Lost in Time in Riga⏳ watch & bracelets @danielwellington use code ‘VIVLI’ for 15% off online or in DW stores #ad✨

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The hotel were history was made. Originally built in the 19th century, @KempinskiRiga is situated in the heart of the Latvian capital. Just opposite the National Opera House (3rd pic) and by the entrance to the town’s historic centre, the main tourist attractions are within walking distance. From the moment we arrived, everything is perfect! The service is second to none, the whole team here is warm and welcoming making us feel right at home! It’s no wonder all the royalties, celebrities and presidents chose #KempinskiRiga while visiting #RigaLativa ✨ Presidential guests were actually in house during our stay. If you are visiting #Riga, I highly recommend @KempinskiRiga ✨ follow along my feed & stories for my entire experience here, can’t wait to share with you x #ootd @prettylittlething

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viv_li. Purple Dreams💜I love traveling and seeing new places all the time, bu

Purple Dreams💜I love traveling and seeing new places all the time, but the time difference, jet lag and sleeping on different hotel beds night after night can really mess with my sleep. @Sugarbearsleep truly helps me with a great night rest, helps me fall asleep faster, all through the night and wake up feeling great, ready for a new day of exploring the world! #Sugarbearsleep #ad💜

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I just jot down some random thoughts: So many people and researches all say social media promotes depression & anxiety, because we are constantly comparing our lives to other people’s highlight reel. But what if... instead of comparing, we can be happy for others, share the joy that they are sharing, even if we don’t know them... instead feeling envious or we are not enough, we can feel great for others happiness... like how we’d be happy for characters in movies or books... Think about it, it’s mostly beautiful happy moments shared on IG, so embrace it. How amazing it is to tap into the unlimited joy there are in this world, how happy we can be just by being happy for others ❤️ #randomthoughts

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